Safe place

In the end

There will be no safe place

No America to run to

No caves to hide inside

No forests to conceal us

No safe place

Except the secret places inside

Our hearts and inside our minds

Although that to

Is under attack.

Fighting to survive – a poem

And we were all just fighting to survive

In a world where truth was punishable

And lies were rewarded

A world where hate was righteous

And love was considered a weakness

A world where everyone fears death and their neighbor

But no one remembers God

For the Devil rules over us now.


You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time. But you can never fool all of the people all of the time.

I believe they expected more people to be deceived. Generations of lies and propaganda through media, public schools, and even colleges. Although effective, not 100% effective.

Some are just born with a spiritual immune system a friend once told me. I don’t know if I agree, that we were born that way. But instead somehow obtained one by having wise parents, or open-minded friends, or maybe some of us didn’t watch enough TV, or asked too many questions in school, or read too much. What is the common denominator here?

The deceived have already complied. Most of them are already lost. Now it just remains for the deceived to bully and guilt the undeceived into compliance. Sort of an Adam and Eve with the forbidden fruit scenario playing out here. Adam was not deceived. But he ate the fruit anyway at the insistence of his wife. He regretted that decision later.

Black summer – a poem

Black summer turns to winter

We barely could catch our breath

During the fall

The year they told us the only way

To save ourselves

Was to drink the poison

The year they told us

There was no God

Lies, all lies, I scream into the darkness

And I know by now they must all think I’m crazy

For I will never stop dreaming

Of the day the entire world

Is on fire.

Great & Incomprehensible Things

Are you afraid?

Afraid enough to follow along?

We must remember,

All men are born and then die

As he was cursed to do so

If he is lucky he may live a little

In between these events.

Are you convinced you are right?

Do you believe the deceit?

Do you ever ask

What if I am wrong?

If you follow the crowd

Take the easy path

Will you be able to live with yourself?

Believe nothing

And yet keep the faith

Now is not the time for sleep

Shake the dreams from your hair

The Unknown is waiting, waiting

To tell you great and incomprehensible things

And sadly,

This time you won’t believe.

What’s real?

I don’t even know what’s real

And what isn’t real anymore

But the scariest part is

Just the simple fact I am even questioning this reality

Probably makes me more in touch with reality than most.

take care of yourself, take care of each other… have no fear. Peace & love. H