Month: February 2014


I am taking some Stephen King advice and am in the process of killing babies. Here’s another one…there will be plenty more. Sigh.

Shiloh’s one and only scene. Bye bye. He will still be mentioned in the book as he’s important to Dyani Blackclaw’s character development, but as of right now I’ve decided not to give him an appearances. I may do something with him in the future.

Shiloh is a pre-teen, the only child of Dyani and conceived while her husband was possessed by a Demon. She was not aware of it at the time. I’ve decided the scene is not necessary and sidetracks a little so I’m cutting it. But thought I’d throw it up here so it’s not lost forever.


“Hello, Aaron. Abednego.” The child says without looking up from his book. His sits cross legged on the floor of the library, the wall to his back. “How is my mother?” His eyes flick up this time. He has the same ethnic features as his mother, dark wide set eyes and high cheekbones. His black hair is cropped short against his scalp.

“Your mother is well Shiloh.” Aaron says. “What are you reading?” The boy presses the corner of a page down and snaps the book shut. He holds it up so Aaron can see the cover. “Catcher in the Rye.” Aaron says with raised eyebrows. “That books seems a little mature for you doesn’t it?”

“It’s a classic tale of teenage angst and alienation,” Shiloh says his face somber. “I think it’s exceptionally appropriate.”

“Touché,” Abednego says under his breath.

Aaron gives his brother a sidelong glance and a frown, then turns his attention back to the boy. “We brought you something,” he says handing the boy a Styrofoam box. “Cheeseburger and fries. Your favorite.”

Shiloh takes the offering with some displeasure. “You two smell like booze. And…” He sniffs the air his face crinkling in distaste. “Vomit. I can smell it over the scent of decaying cow. By the way I’ve gone vegan.”

“Good to know.” Aaron says taking the box back. “Next time I’ll bring you a carrot stick.”

Shiloh tilts his head to the sign, his brow furrowing as he frowns up at the Priest. “Are you trying to be funny, Aaron?”

“How have you been?” Abednego says quickly before his brother can respond.

Shilohs looks at Abednego. He likes this brother better. He does not wear stupid uniforms or crosses around his neck. He does not pray to a God that does not listen. And Demons were afraid of him. This he knew. And it made him very curious. “I have all my physical needs taken care of here. I do suffer from frequent bouts of boredom, which you should perhaps find worrisome. You know what they say about idle hands.” Shiloh wiggles his fingers, he enjoys rattling people, although Aaron and Abednego are most difficult to get a rise out of.  Which is why he shares the next piece of information, although earlier he had made the decision not to.

“My father visits me sometimes,” he says watching the brother’s expressions closely. He notices a slight narrowing of Aaron’s gray eyes but that was about it. “In my dreams,” he adds.

“You dream about your father?” Aaron says. “David Blackclaw?”

“No.” The boy says. “My true father. I dream about him. He tells me the terrible things my mother does to him. How she keeps him locked up, hidden, sitting in his own filth.  Trapped in a disgusting broken body.” Abednego and Aaron exchange a look and the boy points at Abednego.

“You were supposed to release him. But you couldn’t. I guess you’re not as powerful as everyone says you are.”

“I guess not.” He agrees.

“Shiloh, you understand that your father, David, has passed away.” Aaron says.

Shiloh takes a deep breath and closes his eyes briefly.  Sometimes talking to the brothers took a great patience on his part. “I thought it was a sin to lie Priest.” He says with some contempt in his voice. ” And please do not call that human shell my father. I know my father is not dead. Nor is the body that he inhabits like you and my mother want The Society to believe.  My father is still trapped inside David’s body, thanks to my mother’s selfish actions. And now my father is a prisoner, as I am a prisoner.”

Aaron swallows hard, trying to decide if he should deny the accusations or remain silent. If the Demon was truly visiting the child, which seemed likely as Shiloh could not have gained this information anywhere else, then it would explain his recent behavior. His hostility and resentment towards his mother. He’d always been a bit of a moody child, but he’d always been capable of affection, and his mother had never felt threatened until recently.

He thinks back to all those years ago, wondering if he had made the right decision on letting Dyani keep David in secret. Of allowing the child to stay with his mother for as long as they had. His father hidden beneath his feet all those years.

“There’s nothing Abednego can do for him” Aaron had explained to Dyani. ” Somehow their souls have become entwined. If he takes the one he takes the other. We’ve heard of this happening, but this is the first time we’ve experienced it firsthand. If he removes the Demon and sends him back, your husband will go with him.”

Dyani puts her hand to her open mouth, there is a horror in her dark eyes. She is shaking her head unable to except what Aaron is telling her.

“The best thing to do is turn him over to The Society. They are trained in dealing with these types of situations.”

“And what will they do with him exactly?”

“I don’t know.”

Dyani continues to shake her head. “I’ve heard rumors. The terrible things they do to the possessed. Torturing them for information. They can justify this because all they see is a Demon. But my husband is still in there. I can’t let that happen to him. Give me some time. A spell did this and a spell can undo this. I just need time. Tell them that I was wrong. That he’s insane. That there’s no demon. Tell them what you must, but don’t let them have David.”

Aaron sighs. “I’m not in the habit of lying to my superiors.” But there was something desperate in the woman’s eyes, and he could not deny the fate in store for David were her to turn him over.

“Please, just a little more time.”

“And what of the child? You must not let him know about his father. He can never know.”

She had agree vigorously, and Aaron had agreed to give her more time.

He’d given her eleven years now. And it was about to turn around and bite him in the ass.

“Why am I here?” Shiloh asks breaking into his thoughts. “Why am I not allowed to leave?” He turns his attention to Abednego, his expression turning sly. “I’m really no different from Luca. Why is she not here?”

“How do you know about Luca?” He asks. He tries to keep his voice controlled, knowing he is being bated.

“I hear them talk. They don’t like it. I know who her father is. You would think if anyone should be imprisoned it would be her. I know why she exists. She’s the dangerous one don’t you think? If she ever accomplishes what she was designed to do. Do you think she will Ben?”

Aaron steals a look at his brother’s dark face. “Let’s talk about something else.”

“Oh lets.” Shiloh says a smug smile on his face. “My father told me about a visitor he had recently. It was very exciting for him. He doesn’t get visitor much these days.” He looks over at Abednego. “You know her.”


“That’s for me to know and you to find out. Do you feel that Ben? I can feel it too. It’s chaos on the Horizon. It’s the balance being tipped in our favor. It’s Heaven on the verge of hysteria. Total anarchy. Does it feel good to you Ben? It feels good to me.”

Ben can feel his stomach twist into that familiar knot.”Tell me what you mean?”

Shiloh gives an exaggerated yawn and stretches. “Why I don’t mean a thing by it. Of course I’m just messing with you Abednego. I’d like to get back to my book now, if you don’t mind.”


We are all liars. Every last single one of us. But it has become such the norm, so commonplace, so acceptable and even expected that we don’t even know we’re lying anymore. We lie about our emotions and our motivations, we say we do not care when we do, we profess to care when we don’t,  we say the opposite of what we mean, we pretend to be someone we are not. And all for what? To protect our Egos. We treasure and cherish, and stroke it as if it were our most prized possession.