My gut might be telling me something, or it could just be indigestion

I started writing a new first chapter for “A Destruction of Angels” last night. My gut keeps telling me to start with my main character and in first person. It’s a much better representation of the rest of the book. Plus it’s one of those “rules.” And it’s probably a good one, especially for beginners. Had I more experience or a huge following I could probably break that rule, but in this case I think its wise to follow it.

So we’ll see where this chapter takes me. It won’t be a long one, but I think it will clear up some things that my betas keep asking about. And everyone will be introduced to the main character right off the bat.

Ugh…that first chapter. Its’ so damn important!

Anyway, I’m off to Mt. Charleston for some hiking today. Maybe I’ll get a burst of creativity. Hopefully I won’t spend the whole time composing the story in my head as I’m sure my companion will grow sick of my half-hearted “uh-huhs, huhs, mmms, and oh yeahs,” and will want some real conversation.


    1. Not sure, but I may play around with it
      I am writing an option for the first chapter with Jerrika in first person. It’s still really rough but I’ll send it to you when I can make something a little better out of it.

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