A  shitty nearly drunk poem

And I promised myself

I wouldn’t drink the wine

but it reminded me of the bitter

taste of blood

of you

bleeding on my sheets

begging at me feet

(Naw, I made that last part up)

And I could never resist

the sweet allure of excess

(it was my only ease) 

And suddently I can’t stand

to be alone

Me, the self-proclaimed



You said I’ll destroy everyone

that dare love me

And you were right

once again

But somewhere I lost myself

Became complacent

Forgot how to live

How to love

(Naw, I made that last part up)

I never knew how to begin with. 


      1. I love it all really. I have been dating a bloke for over a year now and he rocks my boat – but yeah… boobs… I love em… and you know, the rest. Nothing sexier than a tattoo covered long haired woman who knows what she is doing 🙂 Well… good luck with the bloody sheets then eh?

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