A toast to Armageddon

I see Armageddon 

I see the end

I raise my glass

For all the things I drink to

and will never drink to again

Like joy and sorrow

love and lonliness

I drink to today 

and I drink to no tomorrow

I drink to drinking

I drink to stop drinking

I drink until I stop thinking

I drink to lies

and I drink to the truth

I drink to old age

and I drink to my youth

I drink to life

and I drink to death

I drink because of all these regrets

I drink to my last breath

I drink for innocence 

and I drink to sin

I drink to what is

and what could have been

I drink poison

and I drink the cure

I drink to find courage

and I drink to overcome fear

I drink to running away

I drink to holding your hand

I drink for the kiss of a woman

and the touch of a man

I drink to laughter

and I drink to tears

I drink cause you’re far

And I’d probably drink if you were near

I have two drinks for the past

and three drinks because there’s nothing new

I have a drink for me

and a drink for you.

Now Armageddon is on the horizon

and I think about dying

I drink to the famine 

and I drink to the floods

I drink because the fires

took all the good drugs

I drink because I wonder about me and you

Perhaps I’ll die a drunk day-dreamer

I suppose I’ll drink to that too. 


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