Month: April 2015

Don’t be a gentlemen 

The blackness of night turns liquid

runs down the back of my throat

Turns my vision hazy, you smile at me from across the room

with your tired bloodshot eyes

There’s something I want to say, but just the right words escape me

No matter the night is fading fast

but I will make you remember me

right up until the first glimmers of dawn

There is joy in the curve of my lips, joy in the movement of my hips 

for there’s nothing quite like the moment 

the music moves you, the rhythm controls you

Later when the music is over I will whisper

Don’t lie to me

and don’t be a gentlemen

For I don’t want anything that’s not real

My tired bloodshot eyes seem to say

I don’t want anything 

that’s good for me either


Perhaps my passion has always 

been misplaced

For I could not keep the angles of your face

the shadow of your smile far from my mind

So dream of me, dreamer

Feel the weight of my heart against your soul 

You say it is crushing, but nothing you can’t withstand, for a price 

The question is, am I willing to pay it?

The stars keep their secrets, I can only take one day at a time

And on this day I brush up against you like a purring cat

Let me lick the tears from your cheeks

you can suck the salt off my tongue

You say I am simply a snake

Destined to forever tempt you out of paradise

But there is heaven in my eyes

If you so desire it. 


Dawn trembles on the horizon

This melancholy morning, reminds me

How time and space divide us

How am I supposed to believe?

Just believe

Just breath

Just be you

And I’ll just be me

Across oceans, across the sea

But you don’t have to bleed alone

You don’t have to sleep alone

I am here, I am here

Inside your mind, inside your dreams

Keeping you safe, keeping you warm

So don’t you open your eyes

Don’t you rise

When the sun rises

Let the moon stay forever fixated in the sky

Stay here, right here

Inside your mind

Inside your dreams

I am here. 

More, more, more!

So change, and do all these things 

I know you’ll never do

It matters not, for it will never be enough

I have the heart of a shark, always hungry 

Always ravenous

Climb to the top of a mountain

And scream

More, more, more!

Dance with the devil in your heart

The sun blazing in your eyes

If you can catch it 

The moon will fit in the palm of your hand

And the universe will melt on your tongue. 

There is fire and drums tonight

There is smoke and poetry in our lungs

And we will always want

More, more, more!

That’s not what I do

There is an eternity here

In this moment

For I always lived for your touch

Relived it over and over again

Although you could hardly believe it

All those times I turned my back on you

I just wanted to be chased

You said it’s not what you do

Come to me, come to me

And I’ll come to you

Only I say

With a heart wrenching smile

That’s not what I do. 

Hell’s Heroes

I’m going to need someone like you. Someone who’s been primed for the heat as I have. For Hell is difficult place to navigate all alone, and my relationship with the Devil is percarious at best. There are tough times ahead of us. For Hell has yet to upgrade to wifi, they are still on dial up. And all there is to eat is pickled goats feet and habanera peppers. But never fear, for I hear in Hell whiskey flows day and night. Although it takes a bit like bile and boiled gasoline. There are dancing red-skinned naked girls to entertain us, but their vaginas are steal traps. I’ll drink the whiskey, but best stay away from the red women. Still I think you and I could have a bit of fun. Perhaps overthrow the Devil if we’re clever enough. Upgrade to wifi, bring in some good whiskey and find some proper strippers. Maybe even outfit the place with central air. Ah yes, you and I, we’ll be heroes in Hell.