Month: May 2015

Love is a four letter word

Love is a four letter word

You don’t really believe that do you?

I smile and tuck away my sexual frustration

in my pockets, like a book of matches

I’ll light them all later

Or maybe not

There’s a banquet of mediocre lovers

just outside

I study them through my whiskey vision

wondering which one won’t call me the next day

that would be the lucky one

I strike a match

It bursts and fizzles and fades

Like my desire

I know who I am


(Zipper) May 18th Poetry challenge A-Z

A sweet whisper tickles the inside of my wretched

Brain, I am broken, bended, blended, send me a


Daydream, crack my breastbone open


Fragments of my heart, I know it

Gets you


It’s all a bad

Joke, I’ll be 

Kicking up dust, killing my

Lust for you, I write


Nonsense, in your

Opiate dream, just do it, take my

Pride for a ride, dump her off

Quietly in the desert

Rival my screams with


Tie my guts in knots, your passion is

Unrivaled, your rage lightly

Veiled by the violent

Weather, I like the 

X-rated thoughts within

Your head, and I’ll unzip your

Zipper, for you say its the fastest way to your heart

cherry colored sunglasses

I’ve been dreaming

and I don’t know what’s real

It’s all perception, a misconception

a fragment broken off from your imaginatoin

I’ve been gazing Nirvana

through my cherry colored sunglasses

shaded by my better than sex mascara eyelashes

I’ll be your sweetest thing

But if you wake me from this dream

You’ll see how sharp reality’s teeth

can be.

Something diabolical

H.M. Nolan

No one plays fair here

so keep your pistol loaded boy

and hang onto your rhymes tight

We send our hearts crawling off into the darkness of nights

There’s never a return

but I only wanted to live long enough

to watch the world burn

There’s a spark for every breath of gasoline

A shadow for every sun beam

So I slide my tongue across my teeth

give me love and give me grief

I swear I am just a silly girl caressed and swayed by the moons pull

but he tells me I am something much more

something diabolical.

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dirty hair

I doubt myself again

and us

I fear we’ll never recapture what we had

I fear we will

What then???

Either way all this longing will be for naught

Who am I to you?

What are you to me?

A shadow of a memory

a ghost of a touch

You were always the smart one

and I am just a girl 

with dirty hair

who hates her own handwriting.

just dance

You speak of great men

Impossible feats made possible

the blind man who climbed a mountain

the artist who paints without hands

loving a women who can open cans with her teeth

I speak of nonsense

the sweet buzz of wine

and things I can do with my legs and my hips

Somewhere we will meet 

in the inbetween spaces

of life and death and the greatness you aspire to

and I will take your hand

and whisper

tonight just dance

with me

One more chance

The desert summer brought us ice storms

and I sat within the spark of your eye

and wrote poems from the fragrants of our letters

You remind me I had forgotten myself

within the madness of this world

For we could not be domesticated

Our hunger was never satisified

I remember myself within the howling winds of your storm

We really were great together once, weren’t we?

Before pride and doubt got the better of me

Don’t be a fool, he warns me

Be honest

Be real

For self sabotage is what I’m good at

And I have only one more chance to get this right.