I should have been there, I know

I feel this loss deep within the marrows of my bones

And I forgive you, he says

But take this knowledge to your grave

You missed out on something spectacular 



      1. Been good. Took a sailing trip, but didn’t make the Bahamas because of bad, bad weather. Very rough seas and too small a boat. But worth it, just to go out for a week. I don’t think I would put a “normal” person through it, though.

      2. Life is good, but no sailing trips. I’m jealous.
        Sorry about the weather. Two days ago it rained ice up by my house. 81 degrees and ice was falling from the sky. It was pretty amazing. You would have enjoyed it.

      3. It doesn’t really happen in the valley but I live at a higher elevation. I’m assuming it came off the mountains. It was really cool. The temperature went from 80 to 60 in a matter of seconds.

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