Month: August 2015


H.M. Nolan

The bomb dropped
and kids became nothing
but body parts.
Our eyes opened
to the madness of the world.

There is no eye for an eye
we all just get to die.

And we could do nothing but sit
Pop popcorn and sip
A toast
to the end of the world.

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Know that I do not

Want you to be

Anything you weren’t 

Meant to be

Know that I do not

Want you to be


You do not want 

To be

For you are you 

And I am just me

And if that is not enough 

Then let me turn into earth

Let the tide

Sweep me out to sea

Let me be the speck of sand

That forms into pearls

For the only thing I have ever wanted

Was to write the lyrics 

To your songs

And to be your favorite 


A soul for a song 

The Devil asked “You rang?”

“I have this soul I have no use for,” the man said nonchalantly, “so I am seeking the highest bidder.”

The Devil’s snake eyes flashed a brilliant green and his mouth stretched into a wicked smile. “I am always the highest bidder son. So tell me, what it is you want?”

Although of course the Devil already knew. 

The man scratched his balding head, and rubbed his thunderous belly. “Well I am a fat ugly mother fucker. I’d much prefer to be handsome. Life would be much easier and I wouldn’t have to be so clever just to get a girl to speak to me.”

“You are rather old for a virgin,” the Devil agreed, a hint of feigned sympathy creeping into his voice. But then his grin returned in a blink of his slitted eye as he was very pleased with this offer. “I am not just going to make you handsome, I’m going to make you beyond gorgeous.”

“And because I am such a nice guy, I’m going to throw in a blonde as an added bonus. I think you two will do well together. She tends to go for the soulless type.”

To be continued….

wine stains

We kicked down the doors 

of the Kingdom

and confessed all the wrong things

Mary turned her stoned face in our direction

and spoke to us in hisses

Our retribution was found in the back of a pickup truck  

and paid for with the kisses of a forked tongue

We’d been doomed right from the beginning 

So I blew bubbles in Christ’s delicious blood

And kissed you a bloody-buzzed goodnight 

I swallowed your salvation

and filled up the hollow spaces

with a single moment

I destroyed eternity and asked you 

“What if all this is true?”

The crickets in my pockets

 sang the Beatles

“Goo goo g’joob”

And you pointed out the meaning

of life

muddled within the wine stains 

of my torn blue jeans

Holy rolled cigarettes

She rolls the pages 

of the hotel room’s bible

into skinny cigarettes

Leans back thoughtfully and says

“Fuck it,

everything’s a sin,

you got to make your own paradise.”

Psalms 119 glows and wisps

smoky prayers

around her lips.

I know in this moment there is no eternal reward

worth wasting “right now”

 That red eyed goat bleats and breaths 

down my neck

I scratch him fondly behind the ears

and feed him remnants of Solomon’s songs.

So I’ve got God’s evil eye on my back

just give me one good immaculate fuck

and one of those holy rolled cigarettes…

For the message read

‘we did what we did

so you could live forever.’

Fuck forever

I’ll make my own paradise

right here

right now. 


There was this trick 

you could do with words

it chipped away at the jade in my heart

although I violently objected

I desperatly wanted to give in

So I tucked away your roar

within my pockets

You were the screaming echos

of mistakes


and regrets

on sentimental days

I searched for you in wrong places

in stranger’s faces

until it felt as if I hadn’t dreamed

in 10,000 days

and yet you were always

right here.