Month: September 2015


This thing,

it suits you,

but she swallowed

and wiped away her glow

the blues, they suit you too

There’s a pill for everything

a pill for happiness

a pill for madness

a pill for killing.

I grow tired of getting older

I no longer want to do these things,

make these decisions,

but at least we can drink wine together.

I tell her she looks pretty

in her bare feet

and long dress

I love her still,

but the loss has touched me too. 

Tail Feathers

I had dreams 

stacked up like dominoes

and an itchy trigger finger-

I would have liked to have

wrapped you around

But you see, I can laugh at myself

I can laugh at anything

given enough time

Even at the storm that swept my heart

out to sea

You could never be controlled

or tamed

or kept in a jar

That was a foolish thing to dream

Still I can pluck your tail feathers 

and dip them in ink

and write about 

what it was like to breath

within the eye of the storm. 


I was once told 

I write too many jaded love poems

But I can turn that all around

if I can turn him on

But perhaps my dumb luck has run out

I’ve still got some of that stoopid inside of me

(You didn’t have to agree)

My dreams were all razor blade fantasies

Where he was pretty as a peacock

And I was just 

a crow 

Who are you?

The one headlight is too bright

My head is in the dark clouds

I can roll the windows down

I can turn the radio up 

Wrap my nine inch nails around the wheel

Light a smoke


I can forget all about you 

My mind is in the silver clouds

The wind is in my hair

Who the fuck are you?

To bring me down

Just be

This morning greets

me with a chill in

her heart 

I do not so mind

The sky is gray

the mountains are blue

I take a misstep

I make a mistake

A misspelling or two

I was always too good

or never good enough

I make too many jokes

Why am I so serious?

I am tough 

I am fragile 

And it all seems futile


Take a breath

Just be

The sky is gray

The mountains are blue

I’m a shitty speller

and I’m ok with that


There was hell to pay

I could hear you calling

like a siren

I always knew I’d end up broken

against your rocky shores

I always knew I’d end up 

bunking up with the Devil

Our cloven feet tapping out

a desperate tune of




In my mind the sky was falling,

Or I was falling



down town

Where my mouth tasted of ash

and horns were rather fashionable 

I’ll smoke my flesh like dainty cigarettes and watch

in wonder

As you wander away

calling after you

When you return

bring back 


more sin

or Morrison

This place,

could use the blues. 

Paradise crashers

I had fallen

but I never had grace

 Lace up your boots, mister  

 and pound your shit kickers

against god’s barb wired gates 

 (I think you’re really going to like what comes next) 

 I rolled around in Eden’s dirt 

 A fucking talking snake crawled under my skirt 

 He burrowed something grand and foul inside of me 

 I turned to you and said:

 There’s some flesh left over from last night’s feast 

 Put it in your pocket 

 Put your tongue  

 into the socket  

 Pick the locket  

 between my legs

 I’ll take your virginity 

 and I’ll take a bow  

 Lick the bloody sweat off of your brow  

Be my tormentor, my temptor

my snake

Find my secret weak spot

be my escape

and I’ll paint your toenails purple 

your apocalypse 

an ocean blue

There’s a new Paradise

on the horizon 

a new religion 

in this collision 

and a crooked little smile in it

for you