Month: November 2015

Whiskey Philosophy

He had a knack for revolution

over coffee

and chainsaw negotiations

after midnight.

I enjoyed whiskey induced philosophy

and talking to the dead

inside myΒ dreams.

I had my playlist for the end of days

at the ready

Paul, John, Ringo, and George will be there


Simon & Garfunkel

Reznor and KeenanΒ as well…

For we ate the strawberries in the fields

and found the image of Jesus

in the patterns of the dogs butt fur

and knew we were saved.

He’ll ask me later

what inspired this one,

and I’ll say dumbly

I don’t know

I just liked the way it all sounded

and there might have been some whiskey


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there is no escape

I stood in the garden
there was death and roses all around us
your hands were cold
I had to let go
But your name doesn’t belong here. 
No one belongs here.
And yet there is no escape.
Her hair was black again
her eyes pinpricks of blue light
Ryan took our pictures
and I broke my wineglass on the floor
I had no idea in the moment
just how precious 
that memory would become. 


Mediocre sins

I was afraid. I was ruined. I was damned.

My only redemption was found in finding offense at a sexual joke

and keeping my legs forever crossed.

I was visited by shadows

but they melted away

Perhaps my sins were too mediocre

for the Devil to be bothered.

I belonged nowhere, to no one

and then you came. 

You say there are pieces of you still broken

Deep throating God

wasn’t all it was cracked up to be

Still I found beauty in your ugly

A sliver of peace inside your chaos

But you could never be a saint

You could never be a gentleman

Not in those boots. 

you were not you

You were not you

and I was afraid

I turned away to watch the captive fish float by

Did those long nights of breaking ice

and eating cheap brains

break you?

The cancer had a way of drawing my eye

how it wanted to bleed

But I knew you had found a place to hide

There was something comforting about it

There was something wrong about it all

like feeding pudding to a toothless lion

You were not you

but your watery eyes told a different story

I promise 

I won’t remember you this way

turn into earth

Don’t waste your time

and say goodbye

We are all in need of forgiveness

and five dollar bills of mad money 

a baby is born

an old man dies

There’ll be no more moon rivers

and the wine is but vinegar. 

Standing here in 42 degrees

and I realize

everyone believes in something but me

All I know is we all turn into earth