Month: February 2016

Devil’s breath

Devil’s grin

and puff!!

Devil’s breath

And just like that

he was in her head


And what do you know

but her eyes

turned red


How I’m spending my Valentine’s day

How am I spending my Valentine’s day? Sipping echinacea tea (because I am sick), listening to some Mazzy Star (because I love 90s wrist cutting music) and writing about demons. (because it’s one of my favorite things to write about)

I hope your Valentine’s day is as killer as mine.




I’m beginning to wonder how many rejection letters I can collect this year. Someone told me once they framed all of their rejections and filled many walls before they received their first acceptance letter. This is starting to feel a bit like my love life. 

 If it were easy it wouldn’t be very satisfying would it?

Scattered Diamonds….redux

The moon scattered diamonds

across the ocean

it twinkled and winked on the tippy-tops of waves

and become lost inside

her ravenous froth

I play this dream

in reverse,

These blue storm lips spit diamonds

back at the sky

Lucy catches one

in her kaleidoscope eye

Bring me back to that day

beneath the waterfalls

Don’t you know?

Love is the deepest

rabbit hole.


Always editing…the revisions have been pricking at my brain for awhile now, so here you go. Yes, I love the Beatles and Alice in Wonderland.