Month: June 2016


The right words elude me

I bend

I sway

I chase

I’m wondering what I’m running to

Or away from

My loneliness is perfect


And smooth

Like a statue

I know I could never write like her

I feel a fool

But this isn’t the first time

Nor the last

A steel grin

An unseen wink

A sick thought

A wicked tongue

But all I ever wanted

Was someone

To listen to my



In seeking oblivion we

Sing the blues 

From the bottom of the well

We should rot

Like fallen leaves

Your ball game death song

Was at the tip of my tongue

I still don’t believe you’re gone

I whisper to the wind

It was all a lie

We should all tear out our throats

As if they were beating hearts

Our children

Should never have to die
Our hearts will always believe 

 In Immortality 

Self destruction 

Everything is ugly
You make me believe I’m the sick one
(Maybe I am)

You tell me how I feel

(Or don’t feel)

After all these years you don’t know me at all

(Or maybe I don’t know myself )

I feel that way sometimes

A stranger to myself 

The scorpion kisses me with it’s fire

I lose all my desire for anything

But self destruction