Month: April 2020

Fear Is An Addiction

I know some of us do not understand why some people cannot break away from fear. Let’s keep in mind fear produces adrenaline. Adrenaline, like any other drug is addicting. The media have been feeding people drugs for months now turning a lot of people into fear junkies. Some people in turn have even become dealers themselves. So to ask someone to look at the facts and break away from their fear is like asking someone about to inject themselves with heroine to put down the needle. They are not going to react well to that suggestion. In fact it will often be met with a lot of anger.

Let’s also consider that fear:

  1.  Lowers the immune system. The more fear you have of a disease the more susceptible you are to it.
  2.  Lowers critical thinking.
  3. Lowers empathy and compassion.

This is the sad state the world has been put into. But the good news is many people are waking up and spreading hope not fear. Love not hate.
If you disagree that is fine too! But remember to be kind and don’t let your fear speak for you. ✌️ and ❤️

We Wolves Are Doomed

Shhhh, move quietly now

the sheep are sleeping

Coddled in their dreams…

the illusion

If you wake up sheep

you die

If you question us

you die

If you fight

you die

If you disobey

you die

This is the lie


Shhhh, quietly now,

For should they wake up

and realize they are many

and the wolves are few

We wolves are doomed…