Welcome to the dark side

I love all monsters, mutants, aliens and mythical creatures. In comparison I find most humans rather dull. I write mostly dark urban fantasy with a light spattering of horror. You also may find a little bit of poetry here and there, although that can be a bit of a hit or miss.

I grew up in Wisconsin and lived in Florida for almost ten years. I currently live outside of Las Vegas, much to my dismay. Although the weather is nice and there’s plenty of desert space to bury the bodies.

Besides writing I also like to paint poorly, drink champagne, eat Mexican food, and  read comic books. Sometimes all at once.

I love plaid and mohawks and people that laugh at my jokes. I hate finger lickers, chick flicks, and people that don’t laugh at my jokes.

I share the same birth date as King Henry VIII which explains why I love a good be-heading and I hope to die fat and crazy just like him. In a previous life I was a Pharaoh in Egypt but I don’t have any evidence besides I love the Mummy movies so you’re just going to have to take my word for it.

There’s not a whole lot in life I take seriously, including myself. Life is too short for that.


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