your savior

I was not built for the apocalypse

For days like this

For sinking ships

Angry fists

For lying lips

The Judas kiss

The end of innocence

A broken government

For the swarms of locusts

Your savior sent.

Wicked ways

Darkness creeps

Like a thief in the night

Tells you he is good

He is light

All these lies

Are going to break my mind

It’s all a trick

Your wicked ways

Are making me sick

Who are we serving for dinner tonight?

What is real is fake

Don’t turn, don’t look away

Don’t break

Look at all the innocent blood we’ve found

God, let me survive

To see you burn it all down.

Subway sandwich

She was different around him 

Maybe she was afraid too 

Maybe just afraid of losing her paycheck 

I don’t know 

But I don’t think she was fooled 

Just not brave 

He screamed he wasn’t angry 

He shook and screamed 

Oh no, he wasn’t angry

I was the crazy one 

I talked to her alone 

And his text demanded a subway sandwich

“Don’t you dare buy him a sandwich” 

He wasn’t around and she was suddenly brave. 

“Don’t you dare.”

I texted back. 

“What do you want on your sandwich?”

Dead flowers

No more

Dead flowers

Or blood clots

Or heart attacks

Or car crashes

Or nights without my mind

I think they were holding hands

When the wind twisted and took both of them away

The headlines said it sure was a shame

Everything we touched

Turned to dust

Well why don’t you just stop touching then?

It’s easy

That advice came straight from death himself

And we giggled and wondered if we were next.