your savior

I was not built for the apocalypse

For days like this

For sinking ships

Angry fists

For lying lips

The Judas kiss

The end of innocence

A broken government

For the swarms of locusts

Your savior sent.

American voters

The problem with so many American voters is we are loyal to our party to a fault. We are always quick to point out the other parties shortcomings while completely ignoring (and sometimes even justifying) the failures, scandals, and downright evil deeds of our own party.

Agree or disagree?

To mask or not to mask

I personally don’t fight the mask issue. As a small business owner myself I understand doing everything you have to do to stay open. I’ll never give a business a hard time about asking me to wear one.

But I get the people that oppose wearing one. Just don’t be an ass about it.

I also understand this weird psychological effect of seeing everyone around you wearing one. It perpetuates this new world of fear we live in. And fear is probably the best way to control the masses.

Tell me I’m wrong. I’d love to hear it.

I also can’t help think this constant conflicting information about masks being put out and the flip flopping is done on purpose. Just another way to get us to fight each other. Like the mask issue was all part of the simulation….


Doomsday Romance 

Fuck yeah’merika

Ain’t it grand to be oblivious 

and fat

Put your gold up your nose

and tip your hat

Cuz Britain’s got Sgt. Pepper

But we got Agent Orange

Coming to you

In red, white and blue

USDA certified, FDA approved 

So go eat your modified veggies

and sip your Mercury tea

Push your luck 

Push a button

What does the TV tell me

to riot about today?

I got the vaccine for brains

Put it in my ass

Let it rain acid on my parade

I’ll roll around in my fake grass

And watch the mushroom bloom

I’ll confess

I voted for Kanye West

For monkey see, monkey do

A radioactive eye would look good on you

You can tattoo my number right above my cyclops stare

The world can go to hell 

For all I care

For all I want to do this final day

Is invite you out to play

With discarded body parts and candy-coated grenades

Kiss me in the chemical rains

And believe me when I say

You make a sexy mutant