bar fly

Green eyed fly

There are times I feel like a shadow

a green eyed fly on the wall

in some dive bar

There are times I wish

I could find comfort in the arms of stranger

For just one night

But I was never that girl

He says you sure are a cocky bitch

My crooked little smile says

you don’t want none of this

No, really I’m the 

sweetest thing

But you’ll never know

We slam down our frothing mugs on the bar

This has gone too far!

Can’t you see we are all dying here!?!

Bartender, bring me another beer

I sure hope they serve rum in the afterlife

and the Devil turns out to be rather nice


And I’ll tell him a joke

We’ll share a lament and a smoke

I’ll be the sweetest thing

A shadow across the Devil’s lips

a green eyed fly 

sunbathing in the flames.