Morning Poetry – The Laughter Of Children

I’ll never stop loving

The feel of the sun

On my skin

Or loving you my son.

Let me never take

Even just one more moment of this life

For granted.

Even if the darkness comes

And God is silent

In this long night

If I can just continue to hear

The laughter of children

I will always know

Everything will be alright.

Little Lion Man

I have a little lion man

his hair is made of gold

he has my heart

and my soul

upon a string

Though in truth he was never 

meant for this world

But to live inside a dream

Still I keep him near

Sometimes I look at him

and ask

who are you

and how did you get here?

His bedtime stories

are Bukowski

and Stan Rice Poetry

He listens to the Doors

Nine Inch Nails and White Zombie

Peope tell me he will grow up to be

rather strange

and I tell them even if he does not

I will love him all the same.