Love unrequited

Desire can be


a slow drip of 

cardiac decay

Love left unrequited

will haunt us

until our last breath

bury us beneath

mounds of regret

And yet still,

I wonder

What would life be like

without something

to always long for?


The wish

We wished a wish

So pure was our desire that our hearts ached and bled for it

We poured all our will and all our tears and all our fervor

into that wish

And when the wish was denied, our hearts broke

We cried, and looked for things to numb our anguish

We told ourselves in slurred speech it was for the best, and things were as they were meant to be

But we didn’t really believe it

For there was nothing left to yearn for

Nothing left to dream

Nothing left to desire

Nothing left to live for 

But then the storm passed, and the desert bloomed

and we were reminded once again life is beautiful

even when it is terrible. 

Another Heartbreak

Ashes to ashes

We are all just dust

Ruled by a chemical brain storm

migrating lower

oh, lower

The synapsis in our heads

are snapping

our necks

to the side

as she walks by

We can be conquored by microscopic things

The synapsis in my brain

ignites and burns

My voice shakes

like an anxious 


I am falling

I think I’m headed for another


Secret desire

The only good waves on the west coast

were when the hurricanes were coming

I used the sit on the shore

and watch him paddle out into the ocean on his board

until he was only a dot on the horizon

The sugarcubes were melting on our tongues

And the strange waves became stranger

like great ocean beasts rising and falling

writhing and frothing

I watched him catch one after the other

until one caught him

He was under for some time

The sea monsters continued to wrestle

and hold him down

A bitter coldness settled in my chest

I was sick with satisfaction

and my secret desire

But then he rose from the waves

laughing and asking if I had been afraid

But there had been no fear

only hope

and now my heart held only