You broke


You wrestled


the demons


You fought

the good fight

and lost everything

in the war

You fell

in love

and died

the same day

You dreamed

and monsters

sprang forth

But know there is no darkness

immune to light

and nightmares

do not last




Scattered Diamonds….redux

The moon scattered diamonds

across the ocean

it twinkled and winked on the tippy-tops of waves

and become lost inside

her ravenous froth

I play this dream

in reverse,

These blue storm lips spit diamonds

back at the sky

Lucy catches one

in her kaleidoscope eye

Bring me back to that day

beneath the waterfalls

Don’t you know?

Love is the deepest

rabbit hole.


Always editing…the revisions have been pricking at my brain for awhile now, so here you go. Yes, I love the Beatles and Alice in Wonderland.

counting ghosts

I knew winter once

everything bloomed in shades of gray

And your cold cold heart

would keep me warm through long nights

of gloom

So I was warned about you

It made me want you more

This is my bane

plain and simple

Though I’ve complicated everything

This was my way

Now I lay awake

counting ghosts

and seeing your face formed in mist

even now

from so far away

your stare makes me nervous. 

Whiskey Philosophy

He had a knack for revolution

over coffee

and chainsaw negotiations

after midnight.

I enjoyed whiskey induced philosophy

and talking to the dead

inside my dreams.

I had my playlist for the end of days

at the ready

Paul, John, Ringo, and George will be there


Simon & Garfunkel

Reznor and Keenan as well…

For we ate the strawberries in the fields

and found the image of Jesus

in the patterns of the dogs butt fur

and knew we were saved.

He’ll ask me later

what inspired this one,

and I’ll say dumbly

I don’t know

I just liked the way it all sounded

and there might have been some whiskey


Faith (in the end) 

In the end

we’ll lie beneath a cold black sun

my heart will ache for silver moonlight

and the sound of your laughter

I’ll tease you because once you believed

and I was only just trying to please you

I never had the faith.

No, not like you.
In the end we’ll walk through

smoke and fire

and I’ll long for rain

I’ll give you the only thing I have left to give

But you’ll say my heart tastes cold 

like chameleon skin

And I’m proud

as a plucked


Pleased as a punch

In the gut.
In the end we lost our faith

It was beaten out of you

and bled out of me

in tiny droplets

and I’ll wish it were war paint

and I’ll wish it were wine

For the only real salvation I ever found

was when the world blurred

around your mouth.
In the end we’ll die in darkness

and I’ll dream of stars

and the fire in the blacks of your eyes

as you whisper softly

“I told you so…

na na na na na.”

I can still dream

None of this is easy

the things we cannot live without

are slowly killing us

Spilling us out into the radioactive


But I can still dream

The Blacks of his eyes

are not black at all

but burn like lit cigarettes

I will wander inside those tiny embers

and wonder 

Can we live forever?

All the teeth gnashing

and regrets

Didn’t do a single thing

I’ll snort whiskey out my nose this night

and put on another ring

(I’m fucking kidding!)

But I can still dream

Although my heart is stone

my heart is dangerously sentimental

For you

I gnashed my teeth together many a night

crying “this will not do!”

And it did nothing

for me

Because he was vile, after all

and I fucking loved it. 

But I can still dream

He writes poems from the future

it’s the strangest thing

Perhaps he chased a lucky albino’s foot

right into the fire

that decorates my wall

He’ll return to me someday

covered in soot with adventures to tell

For I can still dream. 


I was once told 

I write too many jaded love poems

But I can turn that all around

if I can turn him on

But perhaps my dumb luck has run out

I’ve still got some of that stoopid inside of me

(You didn’t have to agree)

My dreams were all razor blade fantasies

Where he was pretty as a peacock

And I was just 

a crow 

I dream

Dig in,

bite harder

 these truths cut to the bone

Lies would be prettier

but I can no longer live within these gray walls

Now I know real pain

These are the things I love about you

This is the terror that keeps me up late at night

drinking wine and dancing with myself

The memory of you makes me feel wicked

I tongue these old scars

in the shape of your mouth

I close my eyes

I sway

and I dream

I dream…