Great & Incomprehensible Things

Are you afraid?

Afraid enough to follow along?

We must remember,

All men are born and then die

As he was cursed to do so

If he is lucky he may live a little

In between these events.

Are you convinced you are right?

Do you believe the deceit?

Do you ever ask

What if I am wrong?

If you follow the crowd

Take the easy path

Will you be able to live with yourself?

Believe nothing

And yet keep the faith

Now is not the time for sleep

Shake the dreams from your hair

The Unknown is waiting, waiting

To tell you great and incomprehensible things

And sadly,

This time you won’t believe.

Darkness (a poem)

In this darkness

Will we have any victories?

Will we ever find truth buried under all these lies?

Will death trodden over us with heavy boots?

Breaking bones and breaking spirits

Will we all become dust again???

In this darkness

Where dreams morph into nightmares

Where evil is good and good is evil

The place where we all turn into wolves

And then turn on each other

With cheers for the death of democracy

Will we all become drones?

In this darkness

Where we embrace slavery

Where we embrace hate

Where we embrace fear

Can any of us be saved???

Will we ever find the light again?

Lies (2021 Poetry)

Lies, lies and statistics

Twain once said

They wiped the smile from our faces

Snitching saves lives

I’ll say it again and again until you believe it

Wait until more of you die

The madman said with a fiendish giggle

Do I have your attention yet?

For we live in a time of prophecy

A time of tribulatuon

A time of magic

(If you’re willing to look for it)

No one knows anymore

Friend from foe

The truth is insane I tell you

Wake up, wake up

You’ve been dreaming this whole time.

Wake up, wake up

Time to abandon your lies.

The Observer – a poem

The moment

You’ve convinced yourself

You are right

You are in the wrong

Be a dreamer

A lover

A fighter for freedom

A soldier for innocence

You must question your own understanding

The world is riddled with lies

Be an observer

Live with an open mind

And an open heart

And most importantly

Just love.

Scattered Diamonds….redux

The moon scattered diamonds

across the ocean

it twinkled and winked on the tippy-tops of waves

and become lost inside

her ravenous froth

I play this dream

in reverse,

These blue storm lips spit diamonds

back at the sky

Lucy catches one

in her kaleidoscope eye

Bring me back to that day

beneath the waterfalls

Don’t you know?

Love is the deepest

rabbit hole.


Always editing…the revisions have been pricking at my brain for awhile now, so here you go. Yes, I love the Beatles and Alice in Wonderland.

counting ghosts

I knew winter once

everything bloomed in shades of gray

And your cold cold heart

would keep me warm through long nights

of gloom

So I was warned about you

It made me want you more

This is my bane

plain and simple

Though I’ve complicated everything

This was my way

Now I lay awake

counting ghosts

and seeing your face formed in mist

even now

from so far away

your stare makes me nervous. 

Whiskey Philosophy

He had a knack for revolution

over coffee

and chainsaw negotiations

after midnight.

I enjoyed whiskey induced philosophy

and talking to the dead

inside my dreams.

I had my playlist for the end of days

at the ready

Paul, John, Ringo, and George will be there


Simon & Garfunkel

Reznor and Keenan as well…

For we ate the strawberries in the fields

and found the image of Jesus

in the patterns of the dogs butt fur

and knew we were saved.

He’ll ask me later

what inspired this one,

and I’ll say dumbly

I don’t know

I just liked the way it all sounded

and there might have been some whiskey