end times

American voters

The problem with so many American voters is we are loyal to our party to a fault. We are always quick to point out the other parties shortcomings while completely ignoring (and sometimes even justifying) the failures, scandals, and downright evil deeds of our own party.

Agree or disagree?

Trust in man

I would be wary of putting your trust in any man. If 2020 has taught us anything most rulers and people of influence, wealth, and power are absolutely corrupt. Often times the ones making themselves out to be saviors and humanitarians are the biggest frauds.

If there is any scripture that has proven itself true it is “man cannot rule himself.”

Have faith, God is in control. If I am wrong about that then we are fuuuuuuuuuuucked.

After dinner Poetry

Every day I wake up

I’m a little bit older

Am I any wiser?

Well that remains to be seen

Every day I wake up

I feel a little bit closer to death

It feels a little bit closer to the end

Some days I wake up

And I think, is this it?

Is this the day I’ve been promised since birth?

Some days my heart is heavy with sorrow

Some days I am terrified

And yet other days I wake up

Praying for all the rage and vengeance

Only God could deliver

Some days I wake up

And I want it all to burn.