A collection of failures

The night was unforgiving

she told me not worry

not to give it a second thought

She bought the cheapest rum

and I told her she was the classiest white trash bitch

I’d ever partied with

She thought it was the sweetest thing

I wondered if I would ever grow up

So we ran down the aisles of the liquor store

looking for the dirtiest porn

Because I figured it was about time

I do adult things

At home I have a drawer full of diamond rings

I collect my failures like some people

collect coins

postage stamps

or notches on their belt

Its’ time for me to go home

They ask me to stay

but I am sick in my loneliness tonight

I want to be alone, so I can feel justified

It’s my choice

and there’s a cold satisfaction in my pain

I turn to leave and I can see

weird wide eyes through the glass

scratch her nails

down another mans back

I smirk as he attempts to defend his penis (not a chance)

 I have to remind myself

going home alone, 

It’s my choice.