free verse

Knives in my eyes

You said there were knives

In my eyes

And my tongue split into a fork

You said there were lies

On my lips

And the lines off my hips

Formed sways of sins

But I tell you this now

You never really knew me

And if you want to kill me baby

Then take the knives from my eyes

If you want to taste me

Take the fork from my tongue

But I tell you this now

You never really knew me

At all 


he says he never

looks in the mirror

he expects to see someone




But I think he is all of those things


Every time I look in the mirror

I expect to see a goblin

but instead it’s this girl

with magenta hair

and I’m not her at all

it feels fake somehow


But he is handsome

I’m the goblin



The things I say

Oh, the things I say

when I am drunk

My honesty is 


Give me what I want, boy

The whiskey says

You don’t have to read my mind


For some reason I’m still supposed to read yours?

No, I will never be ready

for the real world

I can’t take the pain

But if you let me escape


I hope you regret it

for a very long time.