he says he never

looks in the mirror

he expects to see someone




But I think he is all of those things


Every time I look in the mirror

I expect to see a goblin

but instead it’s this girl

with magenta hair

and I’m not her at all

it feels fake somehow


But he is handsome

I’m the goblin




The Goblin King – part one

At least once a week my sister and I try to get together and paint, and drink too much liquor, and have discussions such as what we would do if a herd of goblins moved into Las Vegas.

Is herd the correct word for a large group of goblins?

I knew immediately that I would try to make friends with the goblin king. Well maybe not “friends” exactly. I’m not sure goblins grasp the term, but perhaps a mutually benefiting relationship.

So spawned my flash fiction piece I’m working on. I wouldn’t mind if it turned into something bigger. I’m growing quite fond of my goblin king. He gives me good advice.

“Write about me. Stop writing all this foolish poetry. Do as I do, eat all your old lovers, it is by far more satisfying. Afterwards stop by my place for a smoke of gremlin weed and a couple shots of goblin whiskey. That is if you think you can hang with the goblin king.”

Zombie Apocalypse

If I were a necromancer, a zombie apocalypse would be a dream come true.

I have yet to grow sick and tired of zombies. Nor vampires, or werewolves, or trolls, goblins, elves, demons, gods and demi-gods, mummys, witches, mutants, aliens…crazed humans…and on and on. But then again, I have loved monsters since I can remember. It never mattered to me if they were trendy or not.