Your last moment

Life is strange

There will always be roads untravalled

lovers unloved

dances undanced

Open your eyes

and take what you will

but never mean any harm

Don’t let your hearts desire escape

hold it to your heart




and devour every moment

like it were your last.


Concoction for bravery

The truth I often deny

is every day of life

is exquisite

I look to the bottom of my coffee cup

I should fill it back up 

with something less bitter

Maybe something that 

can numb my mind

I look to the sky

I look to the mountains

I say the rocks in the canyons

look like goblin skin

I pet them like a precious pet

and I make excuses

like the timing isn’t perfect yet

to go after all the things I want

But there is no such thing as


But love is real

and so is happiness

My hand rests upon my goblin rock

and I contemplate being brave

I’m going to have to cook up some

concoction for that.

When will I learn?

When will I learn?