The Last Days Of Man – a dystopian fantasy inspired by reality.

I haven’t really thought of a name yet that I’m happy with. But so I don’t dwell too long on it and never write a thing, I will go with the Last Days of Man for now. But I would love a better name. Suggestions welcome.

This is a work of fiction, inspired by current events, prophecies, and my own crazy imagination.

“In a world built on lies, the truth will sound insane.”


The demons had infiltrated all of our leaders. Anyone in a position of power, influence, or wealth. The politicians, billionaires, celebrities, the so-called philanthropists, Corporation giants, even many of our scientists and doctors.

Those few that resisted and spoke out had their careers ruined. Were called insane and dangerous in the media. Some went into hiding. Those that didn’t were locked up. Many were murdered, although the official death certificates will read heart attack, drug overdose, or suicide.

The demons disguised as men seeking to save humanity unleashed one hell after the other upon us. For years they’d been poisoning our food, our water, our air, and weakening our immune systems. But many of us didn’t really become aware of how evil had the world so tightly in its grasp until the plague. The plague killed millions, and was shortly followed by “the cure” that killed even more, although they tried to cover it up. They told us lie after lie, and if you didn’t buy into those lies you were labeled a dangerous fool. If you suspected your neighbor of being a fool you should turn him in. Snitching saves lives they told us.

But still, not enough of us died.

The scientists told us we had an even bigger problem. Now the sun was killing us. It needed to be dimmed or we’d all end up underwater. So we paid even more taxes so the government could spray chemicals into the air to block the sunlight. But all it did was kill our crops, cover half the planet in ice, and ushered in a great famine. It plunged us into darkness and deeper despair. As they killed over half the planet they still assumed the position they were saving us. And some of us still believed it.

Somewhere in all of this those that survived “the cure” started to change. It slowly stripped them of their humanity, it twisted their thoughts, it stole away any desire to resist. The chosen few became hosts for more demons, and the rest were forced into camps, or hard labor. They were building something. Something big. It was happening all over the world. Exactly what these structures were for we didn’t know yet. But the rumor was they’d be bigger and grander than the ancient pyramids.

But all of this pales in comparison to the worst thing they finally did. They stole our kids. It was for the children’s own benefit they told us. But this too was a lie. We don’t talk much about what we believe happens to the kids. But that thought is always there in the back of our minds. Like some twisted monster’s claw. Scratch, scratch, scratching. Bleeding out any last bit of hope.

Now with most of the resisters gone they have no reason to hide. So I am here to tell you the Devil is real. Demons are real. They had infiltrated our planet thousands of years ago and have ruled in secret until now. The only thing that keeps any of us going is the hope that if the devil is real, than his opposite must be real too. But if God is real, he is awfully quiet.

But as for myself. I will write and record all of these events. Until they find me.

Justifying A Belief

An interesting thing about the human brain is it will always look for things to justify a belief or an emotion. If you find yourself instantly rejecting or accepting someone’s words, an article, a youtube video, a scientific paper, ask yourself, “Why exactly am I instantly accepting or rejecting this without much thought or research? Is it simply because it already coincides OR clashes with a current belief or emotion I already have established?”

We will always look for things, people, situations, to back up our belief system. And we will find them no matter what that belief is! If you believe all men are abusive you will keep attracting abusive men into your life and reject those that are not abusive. Your belief must constantly be justified, even if that belief is harmful.

I’m sure you can see it right on social media. It’s the same people posting the same things. Those that are terrified of the virus and believe the shut down is necessary and should be prolonged will keep posting articles about soaring death rates. They must justify their fear. Those that are in disagreement with the shut down will find the the articles that have a completely different perspective on the pandemic. Maybe its the crashing economy, maybe its the fear of vaccines or being chipped, maybe it’s the fear of being taken over by communism.

The Media, ARGH!

Hey, NONE of us know whats really going on. So much news is fake anymore, all the major media outlets are owned by corporations. There is no law against lying on the news. There are no consequences for lies.  There is little integrity among journalists anymore.  Censorship is at an all time high. Everyone seems to have an agenda.

I have my own beliefs about what is happening now and boy have I found plenty of things to back that belief up! Am I right? I think so. I hope not. Maybe I’m wrong. There are certainly plenty of people that disagree with my belief. Sometimes I want to scream at them “wake up? Can’t you see what’s going on? How can you be such a fool?” I’m sure they are thinking the same thoughts about me….

Embrace the not knowing. You will never learn anything new if you only associate yourself with people who agree with you.

What I know we shouldn’t be doing is shaming each other for our beliefs.  What we need to be doing is a lot more listening and understanding. Have compassion and love for our fellow humans even if they disagree with you. What we need to do is admit to ourselves we may not be right, no matter how many scientific papers, doctor youtube videos, news articles we find that back up our belief.

But you can trust Science, right?

As I heard someone once say “You can trust science, but can you trust the scientist?” They can be bought too just like anyone else. And science is constantly evolving and changing and will forever do so. For we will never run out of thing to learn. What we know now may be completely different form what we know 100 years from now. Even things we now accept as fact.

Again embrace not knowing, that just maybe, you might not be right. Remember no one likes a “no it all.” Just listen. Be kind. Keep your heart and mind open.