Shifting From Fear To Gratitude

My mind can go to a dark place.

Perhaps I will blame it on my programming. I grew up in a very religious household where talk of the devil, Armageddon, and prophecies were every day events. As you can imagine the Covid 19 quarantine brought up a whole lot of old fears.

The quarantine has been quite an interesting journey for me. It started off as an eye roll at all the media hype. It then turned into a fear that people were buying into all the fear and my life would be interrupted. Eventually I became afraid myself if the virus itself. I locked myself and my son in our home for awhile. I came out on the insistence from my sister-in-law my son needs to see his cousins. I remember being very angry as we left that she had given him a kiss on the cheek.

My fear of the virus started to take a turn into something even darker. I’m sure most of us by now have heard the theories of what might really be going on behind the scenes. I’m not going to get into those things here and give them any more power. But I will tell you for a moment it became all consuming. I couldn’t eat, or sleep. I really was full of dread.

A dear friend of mine sent me this video with just a simple note “Please watch.” I am so glad I did because it absolutely shifted how I started thinking and reacting to what was going on.

So if you are looking for a positive, different perspective on not only current events, but how to live your life I highly recommend this video. I will give a disclaimer and say this already went along with some of my core beliefs. Beliefs that were there but were never really applied. Plus I didn’t really understand the Science behind what my gut had always told me, and this video helps explain it.

I hope you’ll take the time to watch it. For me it was life changing.

Dr Bruce Lipton Video

Dr Bruce Lipton is not the only human to have inspired me through this journey of self discovery. But let’s start here as he opened the door for me. A door that leads to hope, empowerment, joy, and heightened consciousness.

If you do watch the video please drop a note as to your thoughts. I’d love to hear them.

Justifying A Belief

An interesting thing about the human brain is it will always look for things to justify a belief or an emotion. If you find yourself instantly rejecting or accepting someone’s words, an article, a youtube video, a scientific paper, ask yourself, “Why exactly am I instantly accepting or rejecting this without much thought or research? Is it simply because it already coincides OR clashes with a current belief or emotion I already have established?”

We will always look for things, people, situations, to back up our belief system. And we will find them no matter what that belief is! If you believe all men are abusive you will keep attracting abusive men into your life and reject those that are not abusive. Your belief must constantly be justified, even if that belief is harmful.

I’m sure you can see it right on social media. It’s the same people posting the same things. Those that are terrified of the virus and believe the shut down is necessary and should be prolonged will keep posting articles about soaring death rates. They must justify their fear. Those that are in disagreement with the shut down will find the the articles that have a completely different perspective on the pandemic. Maybe its the crashing economy, maybe its the fear of vaccines or being chipped, maybe it’s the fear of being taken over by communism.

The Media, ARGH!

Hey, NONE of us know whats really going on. So much news is fake anymore, all the major media outlets are owned by corporations. There is no law against lying on the news. There are no consequences for lies.  There is little integrity among journalists anymore.  Censorship is at an all time high. Everyone seems to have an agenda.

I have my own beliefs about what is happening now and boy have I found plenty of things to back that belief up! Am I right? I think so. I hope not. Maybe I’m wrong. There are certainly plenty of people that disagree with my belief. Sometimes I want to scream at them “wake up? Can’t you see what’s going on? How can you be such a fool?” I’m sure they are thinking the same thoughts about me….

Embrace the not knowing. You will never learn anything new if you only associate yourself with people who agree with you.

What I know we shouldn’t be doing is shaming each other for our beliefs.  What we need to be doing is a lot more listening and understanding. Have compassion and love for our fellow humans even if they disagree with you. What we need to do is admit to ourselves we may not be right, no matter how many scientific papers, doctor youtube videos, news articles we find that back up our belief.

But you can trust Science, right?

As I heard someone once say “You can trust science, but can you trust the scientist?” They can be bought too just like anyone else. And science is constantly evolving and changing and will forever do so. For we will never run out of thing to learn. What we know now may be completely different form what we know 100 years from now. Even things we now accept as fact.

Again embrace not knowing, that just maybe, you might not be right. Remember no one likes a “no it all.” Just listen. Be kind. Keep your heart and mind open.


Fear Is An Addiction

I know some of us do not understand why some people cannot break away from fear. Let’s keep in mind fear produces adrenaline. Adrenaline, like any other drug is addicting. The media have been feeding people drugs for months now turning a lot of people into fear junkies. Some people in turn have even become dealers themselves. So to ask someone to look at the facts and break away from their fear is like asking someone about to inject themselves with heroine to put down the needle. They are not going to react well to that suggestion. In fact it will often be met with a lot of anger.

Let’s also consider that fear:

  1.  Lowers the immune system. The more fear you have of a disease the more susceptible you are to it.
  2.  Lowers critical thinking.
  3. Lowers empathy and compassion.

This is the sad state the world has been put into. But the good news is many people are waking up and spreading hope not fear. Love not hate.
If you disagree that is fine too! But remember to be kind and don’t let your fear speak for you. ✌️ and ❤️

Inspired to write

It always feels quite nice when you inspire someone else to write. Years ago I took a black and white photography class with this guy. It was back before digital. Yup we worked in a dark room and used film and chemicals and burners and filters and it was pretty amazing. Now I am all nostalgic….

Anyway we both discovered we were writers, and writers always seem to have an instant connection. Strange how that works isn’t it? We fell out of touch and then back into touch and than out again, as goes life….We connected once again but he admitted he didn’t write much anymore. Which was a shame. So I gently harrassed him until he wrote something. And I rather enjoyed what he wrote.  I’ve asked to share so now he feels like he needs to do some editing. Ah, a true writer. 

I just received an email from him thanking for reigniting that spark. I feel like I’ve done my good deed for the day. 

On a side note, as this had me thinking, I wanted to let my fellow bloggers know how much I appreciate you. Your likes and comments and even critisisms. There are a several of you, and I’m sure you know who you are, that I feel very close to and think fondly of even though we’ve never met in person. It is strange how through writing you can make this connection that often times you never make with people that are sitting there right in front of you. It’s pretty damn amazing. Anyway I appreciate every single one of you. YOu’re the reason I write everyday. That and the voices tell me to. And I always listen to the voices. 

Happy Friday XOXO, Heidi

Take off those stinky pants

I hate real world problems, I really do. It’s zapping my inspiration. I would much rather be trying to figure out how I’m going to win back my soul from the the Devil or if that dog bite is going to mean some interesting life changes the next full moon.
To make it oh so much worse my favorite jeans nearly disintegrated off of me last night. I have had them so long and worn and washed them so many times they are literally falling apart string by string with every step I take. My four year old nephew asked if I bumped into things a lot because they are so riddled of holes. (The answer to that question is yes). Being that I grew up in the grunge era, this look suits me.
I decided they will not survive another washing. I had this flash of The Doors movie (one of my favorites) where Pam yells at Jim “Take off those stinky leather pants!”
He doesn’t of course.