Black summer – a poem

Black summer turns to winter

We barely could catch our breath

During the fall

The year they told us the only way

To save ourselves

Was to drink the poison

The year they told us

There was no God

Lies, all lies, I scream into the darkness

And I know by now they must all think I’m crazy

For I will never stop dreaming

Of the day the entire world

Is on fire.

What’s real?

I don’t even know what’s real

And what isn’t real anymore

But the scariest part is

Just the simple fact I am even questioning this reality

Probably makes me more in touch with reality than most.

take care of yourself, take care of each other… have no fear. Peace & love. H

your savior

I was not built for the apocalypse

For days like this

For sinking ships

Angry fists

For lying lips

The Judas kiss

The end of innocence

A broken government

For the swarms of locusts

Your savior sent.

The Devil At The Wheel (a poem)

Tell us something true

But the devil laughs and tells me no one will believe it but you

Now I no longer belong

What was right is suddenly all wrong

What was love is now hate

Bring their heads out upon a plate

The thoughts we have are the thoughts we’ve been told.

Take our vaccine you’ll never grow old

Promises, promises, of utopia and equality

Only for the price of your soul and your liberty

What did you need those for anyway?

Survive to see another day

Give us your guns, give us your knives

Remember snitching saves lives

You’ve got everything to fear

So we put the devil at the wheel

Shut up and just let him drive….

Lies (2021 Poetry)

Lies, lies and statistics

Twain once said

They wiped the smile from our faces

Snitching saves lives

I’ll say it again and again until you believe it

Wait until more of you die

The madman said with a fiendish giggle

Do I have your attention yet?

For we live in a time of prophecy

A time of tribulatuon

A time of magic

(If you’re willing to look for it)

No one knows anymore

Friend from foe

The truth is insane I tell you

Wake up, wake up

You’ve been dreaming this whole time.

Wake up, wake up

Time to abandon your lies.