Fighting to survive – a poem

And we were all just fighting to survive

In a world where truth was punishable

And lies were rewarded

A world where hate was righteous

And love was considered a weakness

A world where everyone fears death and their neighbor

But no one remembers God

For the Devil rules over us now.

Darkness (a poem)

In this darkness

Will we have any victories?

Will we ever find truth buried under all these lies?

Will death trodden over us with heavy boots?

Breaking bones and breaking spirits

Will we all become dust again???

In this darkness

Where dreams morph into nightmares

Where evil is good and good is evil

The place where we all turn into wolves

And then turn on each other

With cheers for the death of democracy

Will we all become drones?

In this darkness

Where we embrace slavery

Where we embrace hate

Where we embrace fear

Can any of us be saved???

Will we ever find the light again?

The Observer – a poem

The moment

You’ve convinced yourself

You are right

You are in the wrong

Be a dreamer

A lover

A fighter for freedom

A soldier for innocence

You must question your own understanding

The world is riddled with lies

Be an observer

Live with an open mind

And an open heart

And most importantly

Just love.

A poem, maybe? “Things”

Things I hate

Mean people




People that alway think they are right



Car crashes

Wolves in sheep’s clothing


Things I love





The laughter of children

My son





Crooked Smiles





The mysteries of life


Changing Hearts Not Minds

“Don’t try to change people’s minds, instead try to touch their hearts.”

It’s a quote I heard while listening to a Jane Goodall documentary.  With all this fighting and division and people trying to force their beliefs on others by attacking, shaming and name calling, this quote really spoke to me.

At one point in Jane Goodall’s career she had the animal rights activists quite angry with her. The reason was her approach to companies that were doing animal testing. She sat down with them, ate with them, befriended them, listened to them, and they in turn listened to her.

Instead of attacking and shaming she listened to their perspective and they listened to hers. Instead of judgement she used understanding and compassion. And do you know what happened? Several of those companies stopped their animal testing. She did what many of the animal rights activists could not accomplish through attacking and shaming. She won them over with love.

Don’t try to change minds, instead change hearts.

Let everything you do be done in love.

Morning Poetry – The Laughter Of Children

I’ll never stop loving

The feel of the sun

On my skin

Or loving you my son.

Let me never take

Even just one more moment of this life

For granted.

Even if the darkness comes

And God is silent

In this long night

If I can just continue to hear

The laughter of children

I will always know

Everything will be alright.

Become a Creator

There are evil forces at work to make this world an even more dire place to live. And there are forces at work to bring in a new world of peace, love, and harmony.

Do you know what side you are on? For if you are living in fear, you are on the wrong side. Did Star Wars teach you nothing?

The new science is out. We have a creator. We are more energy than matter, and we have the ability to heal ourselves, we have the ability to change the world. And it all starts with your conscious thoughts.

This new science has been repressed. They don’t want us to know our own power.  But a movement toward enlightenment is happening. We have grown weary of those wanting to hoard power and money, on the broken backs of billions of people.

This whole society was built on the Darwinism theory of survival of the fitness. To survive no matter who you have to trample on. That we have no meaning and no purpose. Our society has been built on a lie and that’s why it’s falling apart.

We can become creators in the new world. Live consciously. Be aware of your thoughts. Paint the world as you would like to see it. Do not live in fear.

Fill your heart with peace, compassion, love, gratitude. Do not let there be any room for fear or hate in your heart.

Live in the light. We can do more than just survive. We can thrive.

Peace and Love.