I dream

Dig in,

bite harder

 these truths cut to the bone

Lies would be prettier

but I can no longer live within these gray walls

Now I know real pain

These are the things I love about you

This is the terror that keeps me up late at night

drinking wine and dancing with myself

The memory of you makes me feel wicked

I tongue these old scars

in the shape of your mouth

I close my eyes

I sway

and I dream

I dream…


One more chance

The desert summer brought us ice storms

and I sat within the spark of your eye

and wrote poems from the fragrants of our letters

You remind me I had forgotten myself

within the madness of this world

For we could not be domesticated

Our hunger was never satisified

I remember myself within the howling winds of your storm

We really were great together once, weren’t we?

Before pride and doubt got the better of me

Don’t be a fool, he warns me

Be honest

Be real

For self sabotage is what I’m good at

And I have only one more chance to get this right.


I’ve been told I have a special talent 

for driving men insane

Is that so?

The ride there never seemed so very long

I’ll nuzzle up against your pain

and tell you being insane, it aint so bad

There is a certain freedom

when the world thinks you are mad

So kiss me and change the direction of the tide

Do you want to go for a ride?

This time my crooked little smile

is more a twisting of the lips

Do you want to dance?

Then put your hands on my hips

My forked tongue makes you feel like running

The apocalypse is coming

Do you want to die?

Go save yourself

I’ll go at this one alone homie

I am not afraid

to drive this road alone.