You broke


You wrestled


the demons


You fought

the good fight

and lost everything

in the war

You fell

in love

and died

the same day

You dreamed

and monsters

sprang forth

But know there is no darkness

immune to light

and nightmares

do not last




Zombie Apocalypse

If I were a necromancer, a zombie apocalypse would be a dream come true.

I have yet to grow sick and tired of zombies. Nor vampires, or werewolves, or trolls, goblins, elves, demons, gods and demi-gods, mummys, witches, mutants, aliens…crazed humans…and on and on. But then again, I have loved monsters since I can remember. It never mattered to me if they were trendy or not.

Phase 2 Zine

In spite of the fact Supernatural airs on Wednesdays on netflicks, Wednesdays are not my favorite day. It’s my Monday and I usually have a long day with not much time to write. Today is no different. Also for the life of me I have never been able to spell Wednesday…any correct spelling here is due to autocorrect.

Yup Wednesdays suck.

But since I have a brief moment of coffee and writing time before I head off to work I wanted to share with you a little zine I guest edit for. It’s only 99cents on amazon and is full of sci-fi and dystopian short stories. I just received my copy today so I haven’t had a chance to read…so I’ll share a little more later. There’s a writing challenge at the very end which is kind of up my alley. That being said every time someone presents me with a writing challenge I totally choke. I really need to get over that.