new age poetry

Safe place

In the end

There will be no safe place

No America to run to

No caves to hide inside

No forests to conceal us

No safe place

Except the secret places inside

Our hearts and inside our minds

Although that to

Is under attack.

What’s real?

I don’t even know what’s real

And what isn’t real anymore

But the scariest part is

Just the simple fact I am even questioning this reality

Probably makes me more in touch with reality than most.

take care of yourself, take care of each other… have no fear. Peace & love. H

your savior

I was not built for the apocalypse

For days like this

For sinking ships

Angry fists

For lying lips

The Judas kiss

The end of innocence

A broken government

For the swarms of locusts

Your savior sent.

Gross Sticky Things (a poem)

What if we fall?

Oh Lord, this is hard

The dog barks at every moving thing

One day death will make it past the dog

And through the door

Who will save me

From this mediocre existence

Inside these walls

Where they told me not to move?

Pain and suffering is what you need, girl

Show God what you’re made of

I’m just blood and guts and bones and gross sticky things

And what if I fall?

I’ve got a child to protect

What if death….

Just stop

Know that you’re just a fool

Reality isn’t really real

To believe anything else

Would be foolish.

The Devil At The Wheel (a poem)

Tell us something true

But the devil laughs and tells me no one will believe it but you

Now I no longer belong

What was right is suddenly all wrong

What was love is now hate

Bring their heads out upon a plate

The thoughts we have are the thoughts we’ve been told.

Take our vaccine you’ll never grow old

Promises, promises, of utopia and equality

Only for the price of your soul and your liberty

What did you need those for anyway?

Survive to see another day

Give us your guns, give us your knives

Remember snitching saves lives

You’ve got everything to fear

So we put the devil at the wheel

Shut up and just let him drive….

Tribulation. (A poem)

My bones ache with this knowledge

Of things to come

I pray my body does not betray me

Or worse my mind

There will be moments when I will want to give into

My own insanity

And alas, there are no stars in the sky

And yet no rain

The world is ending

And you, you who think you are so mighty

Are so small in all of this

Yes, the world is ending

What possibly could your threats mean to me now?

The Observer – a poem

The moment

You’ve convinced yourself

You are right

You are in the wrong

Be a dreamer

A lover

A fighter for freedom

A soldier for innocence

You must question your own understanding

The world is riddled with lies

Be an observer

Live with an open mind

And an open heart

And most importantly

Just love.

A poem, maybe? “Things”

Things I hate

Mean people




People that alway think they are right



Car crashes

Wolves in sheep’s clothing


Things I love





The laughter of children

My son





Crooked Smiles





The mysteries of life


Paradise Will Be Found

Tell me, one day

Will this all be avenged?

Will the dying fish in the ocean

Ever get their justice?

Will the missing children

Ever be found?

Sometimes I think our leaders

Consort with demons.

I tell myself over and over

Do not walk with dread

Paradise will be found

After all the suffering has made its rounds.