sad poetry

Muddy American Flags

We seek the darkness

thunderstorm funerals

muddy American flags

and trains off their tracks

I loved the picture of you out in the water

the wind made your hair wild

Nothing lasts…

I caught a blue glass-eyed wink

and a toothless grin

through the slow rising twirl of cigarette smoke and green flesh

I could smell the decay on your brain

It was a rainy day

when they put you in the ground.

Everything is open wounds now

and a bland thanksgiving dinner sucked through a straw

We forgot somehow, how to laugh

Could have been the slow drip of morphine

or the simple way our bones cracked.

Death dragged his heavy feet

as real life licked me

like a sandpaper tongue

Reminded me I am just the nameless meat

between the lion’s teeth

and we all die alone.

In black in white she sat

her legs demurely crossed

with her crooked cat eyed glasses

Tell me about your chaos lady,

the bloody slashes across your face

your dead baby sister

at the bottom of the outhouse.

It’s no wonder

in the end we all go mad.

Would it be ok if I took this gloom

and weaved it into some hideous mask?

I will hide behind it for the rest of my days.


In Memory of my grandfather


To be loved

Somewhere in the night a song plays

Blending beneath the hum of the air conditioning

I can’t name that tune

but it makes me think of a sad story

Long nights of kissing the wrong lips

of holding the wrong hand

I remember how alone I am
and sometimes I can be indifferent 

but the sad rift of the guitar plays with the strings of my heart

A ballad of how we all yearn

to be loved. 

Perhaps you never knew me

And time may try to steal

these memories away

Fade them into bitter dust

But I will never forget 

the way he caught my eye

that stormy night

Or the painful sparkle of sun in the morning

rising on Tampa Bay.

He says I am heartless and cold

and so pleased to just throw it all away

And I think with a terrible dismay

Perhaps he never knew me

at all. 


Someone told me once, that if I was going to continue to write poetry, I should learn the rules. You may find that I never bothered. Even in high school I couldn’t even write a damn haiku. I never had the right amount of syllables, no matter how hard I tried. But being bad at something should never stop you if you enjoy it right? Unless it’s brain surgery of course.


My heart is jade

My eyes black ice

Promise never

I’ll do it twice

Take your punishment quietly

Don’t make a fuss

I found my salvation

In chemical dust

Love is my nemesis

You, my greatest regret

Sip some gasoline

And light a cigarette

My skull is full of worms

My mouth full of granade

He was bitter like death’s tongue

And sweet like yellow lemonade

I am a lion

Win or lose

Sin is a strawberry

And the Devil is my muse

Tell me I am strange

I’m confused when you are nice

For my heart is jade

My eyes are black ice