The Doors

Whiskey Philosophy

He had a knack for revolution

over coffee

and chainsaw negotiations

after midnight.

I enjoyed whiskey induced philosophy

and talking to the dead

inside my dreams.

I had my playlist for the end of days

at the ready

Paul, John, Ringo, and George will be there


Simon & Garfunkel

Reznor and Keenan¬†as well…

For we ate the strawberries in the fields

and found the image of Jesus

in the patterns of the dogs butt fur

and knew we were saved.

He’ll ask me later

what inspired this one,

and I’ll say dumbly

I don’t know

I just liked the way it all sounded

and there might have been some whiskey




There was hell to pay

I could hear you calling

like a siren

I always knew I’d end up broken

against your rocky shores

I always knew I’d end up 

bunking up with the Devil

Our cloven feet tapping out

a desperate tune of




In my mind the sky was falling,

Or I was falling



down town

Where my mouth tasted of ash

and horns were rather fashionable 

I’ll smoke my flesh like dainty cigarettes and watch

in wonder

As you wander away

calling after you

When you return

bring back 


more sin

or Morrison

This place,

could use the blues. 

Roadhouse Blues

Feeling fly

feeling lit

crack a smile

take a hit

I got


and Jim

the lights 

are going dim

Is that you?

Lost in

Roadhouse Blues

Singing out

of tune

Digging yourself

in deep



in your sleep.

Fake a slap

a drunken lap


a dirty


I got an easy breezy


a slow motion

speeding train

a rusted tin roof

in the pouring 


Is that you?

wobbly on your feet

stumbling down

love street

The sun starts to 


There’s an undiscovered


in my


Want to take

a moonlight drive?

Our chances are

one in five

we won’t make it

out alive.

Sip the whiskey

and swallow

your bile


the strangest smile

I’ve got an island

in my heart

There’s a killer

in the dark

I’ve got a city 

at night

She has the brightest


Are you afraid?

I am not afraid

Not today.

And you fall

Wait, is that 

Roadhouse Blues?

And I fall too

Take off those stinky pants

I hate real world problems, I really do. It’s zapping my inspiration. I would much rather be trying to figure out how I’m going to win back my soul from the the Devil or if that dog bite is going to mean some interesting life changes the next full moon.
To make it oh so much worse my favorite jeans nearly disintegrated off of me last night. I have had them so long and worn and washed them so many times they are literally falling apart string by string with every step I take. My four year old nephew asked if I bumped into things a lot because they are so riddled of holes. (The answer to that question is yes). Being that I grew up in the grunge era, this look suits me.
I decided they will not survive another washing. I had this flash of The Doors movie (one of my favorites) where Pam yells at Jim “Take off those stinky leather pants!”
He doesn’t of course.